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Our 5 Step Guide to Refresh for Spring

The long awaited arrival of Spring always makes us want to transition our home for the new season. While this usually includes a good deep clean, sometimes it takes a little bit more to make your home feel fresh. We've compiled our five favourite ways to make your home feel Spring ready!

Pillow Talk: Time to put the winter pillows away and make the swap for crisp linens, subtle textures and bright prints. Pillow covers that have zippers allow you to dry clean or launder your covers season to season. To freshen and plump feather inserts, throw them in the dryer with a fragrant lint cloth. We like to spray essential oils on an old face cloth - reusable and eco-friendly! New throw pillows can completely alter the look of your room. A happy space can completely transform both your space and your mood!

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Spring Pillows

Table Top Redo: Try mixing and matching solids with patterns for everyday use. Stock up on easy to clean cottons in ticking, checks and solids for your tabletop textiles. Pair with durable natural materials like wicker or jute for a festive summer season of indoor and outdoor use. 

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Greet the Day: When you approach your front door do you smile? Is there a welcome mat or front hall area rug that reflects your personality while still being functional and stylish? As the boots disappear, so can the mandatory mat that collects wet snow and hides slush marks. You will still have muddy paws and dirty shoes to contend with so choose something in an indoor/outdoor fabric that can clean up easily. This includes rugs that have rubber, non-slip backing, as well as rugs that are woven or braided.

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Outdoor Rugs

Bring the Outdoors In: We are all anxious to get outside, however it is still too early to plant our gardens or pots. Why not bring a little Spring indoors in the form of ferns or succulents. Right now pansies are available in large containers, and can be separated into smaller pots and distributed throughout the house. Alternatively, plants can be grouped together in various sized vases for a natural centrepiece. Don't forget to put some on your bedside table and on your bathroom vanity!

Shop Your House: We love to swap out bedding when the seasons change. Move smaller decor items from one room to another and rearrange furniture or restyle a bookshelf. While Spring cleaning, you may discover some items you'd completely forgotten about! Perhaps a treasure trove of old pottery pieces can house fresh flowers from your local florist. An old vase or votive can be given new life on your hall table. Books that beckon to be reread can be placed stylishly on a coffee table. While we know not everything you find will work with the style of your home, it can be therapeutic to shop the forgotten treasures you tucked away last Fall!

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